Formed in 2001, Fake No More's sole reason for being is to cover the works of the American rock group Faith No More. After a year of rehearsing, Fake No More first sets foot on stage in early 2003 on the "Sneeuw Pop Festival" in Dinxperlo, Holland. Their audience was immediately stunned by their performance. More energetic and thriving gigs came soon, resulting in a following by music lovers everywhere.


In late 2003, guitarist Maurice Lohschelder had a serious accident at his day job, breaking his spine. The recovery takes more than one and a half years. Alex Roelofs, guitar player for Snatch, takes over the lead for Maurice. During this time, the band also performs twice on national Dutch radio station 3FM (during Nachtmiss Marisa and Giel Beelen’s breakfast show) and on other local radio stations. The gigs continue, and Fake No More “accidentally” takes part in hollands largest coverband competition, the '' Clash of the Coverbands''.

After winning several rounds, the band ends up in the final in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

“The finals were absolutely stunning. The audience was fantastic, as well as the sound and lightshow. It was absolute magic we made that night, especially because Faith No More played there years ago themselves. Really awesome!”

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Finale Clash of the Coverbands 2004

That night, the jury was impressed by the energy of the performance by Fake No More. They were voted the winners of The Clash of the Cover Bands 2004!

The following years, the band was found on several stages in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The live reputation the band builds up results in a tour through the United Kingdom in july 2008.

Expect all the great known songs of Faith No More, such as Epic, Midlife Crisis and Easy, as well as songs well known by die hard fans, but never experienced live!

Steven - vocals
Maurice - guitar
Dayenne - bass
Jeffrey - drums
Martijn - synths